Thursday, July 30, 2020

Reflections: July 2020

How the F is it already the end of July??!!

Cinder finds training exhausting

Loving: My new mattress.  Did you know you can wake up in the morning and not feel like a 90yr old crone??
Smelling: Burnt microwave popcorn. My supervisor moved some of us around at work so I'm now spending two days a week at a different facility and my coworker there has microwave popcorn EVERYDAY for a snack. The whole place smells like burnt popcorn in the morning.
Learning: How to care for germ free mice in isolated cages. 
Writing: Sadly, not much.
Reading: SOPs and articles on humanized and germ free mice.
Watching: Rewatching The Umbrella Academy to get ready for Season 2
Craving: Fall. It's been hot and dry and I'm ready for cooler temps and rain
Obsessing: Not over much lately
Needing: For Peebs to stay sound and keep his shoes on! I want to ride damn it.
Wanting: I guess I already said it above, but to ride.
Trying:  To keep my cool at work and not go postal on my coworker.
Drinking:  Water, tea, and lemonade
Feeling: Frustrated and like a babysitter. I know that's why I got paired with the coworker, because she needs someone to keep her in check, but that's not in my job description.
Hoping: This new change at work is reversed.
Listening: JVN's podcast, Curious
Clicking: Blogs to read

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  1. Burnt popcorn now and again is not bad, but everyday is too much!