I already have a huge pile of tack, but you can always use more!  And considering that I have two horses in very different sizes, I need two of everything.

For Me:

I've been doing more coaching and more barn management with the 4H club at my barn. I have a few winter jackets but I would love the 3 Season Coach's Coat from Kerrits.  It looks so fancy.  I also like this one from Mountain Horse.

Tall Boots:
My 8yr old Ariat Challengers finally gave up the ghost yearly in 2014, and I bough the Dover Middleburg brand boots to replace them.  They're ok, but not great boots and I don't think they will last me another 8 years.  I'd love to get the Ariat Volant S boots in a 9.5 XW calf!

For Phoenix:

For him to be sound....but I don't think that will be under the Christmast Tree anytime soon.

For McKenna:

Saddle Pads:
I am going to take advantage of having a black mare.  I think McKenna would look so cute in this in hot pink, this in white or jade, or this in raspberry.

An Ogilvy, because who doesn't want one.  I would just have to decide colors....

My saddle fits her ok, not great.  Idealy in another 6 months to a year I'd like to get a custom saddle for her.  A CWD, County, Antares, Voltaire, or Devocoux would be fine.

In traditional jumper fashion, I'd like to get a figure 8 bridle for McKenna.  The one I had for Buddy was too big for her cob sized head so I sold it.  The Showmark Figure 8 Noseband matches my Showmark monocrown bridle, so all I would have to do is switch out the nosebands and not have two separate bridles. Cob sized please!

In General:

First Aid Kit:
I have a pretty good collection of various first aid supplies, but I would really like a complete kit, one for the trailer and one for the tack room.

Water Tank:
I have a little 10 gallon water tank I got at WalMart for the trailer, but it would be nice to have a full tank.

Who doesn't want fancy new jumps?!  A stone wall or roll top would be fun.  I know it would be a lot cheaper to build my own, but I lack any wood working skills.

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