Monday, July 27, 2020

Again, Seriously Peebs?

I swear Peebs is on a mission to get all the time off. We're assuming his leg bump is a splint and after a few days off I started riding him again. He was never lame on it, so back to work he went.

We had a couple easy flat rides before a 2 day heat wave hit. He got those days off because I'm prone to heat stroke and don't ride if it's above 90. Our rides last week were pretty good, if a little rough around the edges. Peebs had reverted back into thinking he doesn't need to bend or listen to my right leg, but we did a lot of circles, transitions, and lateral work and ended each ride on a good note. I did pop him over a couple cross rails last Thursday before texting my trainer to set up a lesson for this week.

At least he's pretty

My plan was to lunge him Friday, flat Saturday and maybe jump Sunday morning. Yesterday (Sunday) was the start of another heat wave and Peebs was going to get Monday (today) and Tuesday off. Depending on the highs Wed/Thurs I was going to lunge or ride. But when I got to the barn Friday night Peebs was missing his right front shoe. We had added clips at his last farrier visit and at least he had pulled the shoe cleanly off, no missing chunks and didn't step on the clips.

My farrier can't come out till Wednesday, so Peebs gets almost another week off. At least he picked a year when there's no shows to try and get all the time off. I've told him that he needs to get it all out of his system this year so we can hopefully have a full show season next year.


  1. Well of all the things he could have done, I'm glad he opted for the simplest (missing shoe) lol

  2. Phew, glad it's just a lost shoe! But still, that's very frustrating! Horses!