Monday, January 29, 2024

This is Fine, Everything's Fine

 Why does it seem like shit always hits the fan in January?

When we left off, I was waiting for my ovarian cyst surgery, which happened a little over two weeks ago. It went way better than I expected; I wasn't nearly as sore as I though I'd be, and other than a rash from the support girdle they gave me, I was pretty much fine after a day. I'm back at work, but I can't lift anything over 10lbs for another month, and can't ride for another week and a half. 

Two days after my surgery, we got hit with a pretty bad ice storm. I was staying at my parent's house to recover, and we lost power for a few hours the second night, and subsequently the water pipes froze and stayed frozen for four days. On the third day we were able to venture out and my mom and I hunkered down at a hotel for a night. Where we live we got mainly ice, but up where Cinder is they got snow, then ice and it was really, really bad for a few days. Trainer A lives on the property, up the hill from the barn and it's normally a five minute walk from her house to the barn, but one of the days it took her over an hour to walk/crawl/slide down to the barn. The horses ended up staying in with some limited arena turnout/lunging for over a week because things were so slick and slippery. 

Between the storm and some issues with the barn owners, Trainer A has decided to move to the East Coast. I knew that has been her long term plan, but now she's looking to move in 1-2 months, not 2-3 years. So I'm on the hunt for a new barn and trainer. Peebs' barn is full, so I can't move Cin home either. I did have a small panic attack the night after she told me, but I have talked to a few trainers and have some barn tours set up and hopefully can have things figured out soon.