Thursday, April 14, 2022

Saddle Fitting Round The Last

 At least I hope this is the last saddle fitting round we do for a few years. I ended up buying the Voltaire Palm Beach I took on trial. It fit Cinder much better than Peebs' saddle, and was much more comfortable for me, and helpful for my equitation, than the Crosby. 

For as slick as the Crosby was on the flaps, it always felt like I had the stickiest of full seat breeches on and when I posted it was like my butt would come off the saddle but my breeches wouldn't


Cinder still has a little lingering soreness along the right side of her withers, but Surpass has been helping. Unfortunately I've run out, and everywhere is back ordered on it. Anyone have any luck using the human version, Voltaren? 

Unfortunately the Voltaire billets didn't work with the new super squishy memory foam girth I had gotten like two weeks before, so I had to order her a size up. Anyone want a lightly used 50" girth?

I haven't been able to ride much in the Voltaire since I got it because we've been having some majorly weird weather. It was 75* a week ago, then over the weekend we had thunderstorms (including a funnel cloud about 10miles south of me), and then Monday morning it snowed. It didn't stick (at least where I live) but it's been snowing/slushing/hailing/raining off and on all week plus being in the upper 30s-mid 40s temp wise. This is the first time in recorded history we've gotten snow in April. I'm getting really fed up with living through unprecedented events. 

Still my best boy

As for Peebs, he's loving the currently-retired life. He's back to 12hr turnout, and got the grass run off his stall opened up again. I pull him out a few times a week to groom and check him over, but otherwise he gets stuffed with cookies and enjoys life.