Thursday, July 23, 2020

Cinder Progress Report #2

Cinder continues to get good reviews at kindergarten. The round pen has been put up so Trainer S is working her in there and has started taking her for hand walks on the trails. The barn backs up to a big forest with miles of trails along the hills. S is a big proponent of getting the horses, young and old, out on the trails as much as possible.

Cinder got a new neighbor who she loves but Airy is kinda meh on her

Unfortunately Cinder's feet have taken a bit of a beating on the trails. She chipped off enough so she currently doesn't have enough hoof wall to nail a shoe onto, so I bought her some hoof boots. I got a report that she was NOT pleased wearing them for the first time yesterday, but too bad so sad mare. Hopefully we can protect her tootsies so she can grow enough to put shoes on.

S thinks shes close to being ready to be ridden, and she thinks it will be pretty uneventful. She's doing a little more groundwork to really cement some body control. Cinder can blow you off about yielding her shoulder or hip, but not in a bad way, more of "Oh, I didn't realize you actually meant it" kind of way. Both S and I agree that she's not mean, or naughty-minded, she's just not the most sensitive of horses. Unless she's in heat, but S called it a good kind of sensitive.

Hopefully she continues to be good, grow some hoof, and be under saddle soon!

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  1. Sounds like things are going great (other than than feet)! I love that she's getting out on the trails. It's so great for them!