Monday, August 3, 2020

Cinder Progress Report: First Month

Cinder's been in training for a month now and I finally got to watch Trainer S do a ground work session with her. Trainer S's approach is short, but frequent sessions. Most days she works Cinder twice, a short ground work session in the round pen or arena, then takes her out for hand walk on the trails. She's planning on the first ride this coming week.

Mare's going to need to live in bell boots

Cinder has gotten used to the hoof boots, and hopefully will get her first set of shoes this week too. She's much more comfortable moving out and holy crap can she trot. I didn't get any of it on video since I was so impressed, but it was an under saddle winning trot. When I first brought Cinder over Trainer S said she's built more like an eventer, but after watching her move she agrees that Cin is a hunter. I'm going to have to learn how to ride the hack better to keep up with her!

Cinder's ground work has come leaps and bounds. Trainer S works in the Buck Brannaman style and has gotten Cinder to the point where she moves whatever leg Trainer S looks at. She still wants to blow Trainer S off at points, but a quick correction and she's behaving again. Trainer S did say she's the type that you really have to convince her that you're the boss.

Trainer S has said that Cinder's taken in everything pretty much in stride. The past two weeks they've had all the boards on the indoor arena walls replaced and stained, and Cinder handled the noise better than some of the older horses. And out on the trail she might look at something, but she usually wants to walk up to whatever it to investigate instead of spooking. So of course the day I'm there she legit spooks. There was a white plastic barrel that had been moved down to the round pen and Cin spooked and snorted at it. She puffed up and took a few steps sideways, but got over it pretty quickly. If that's the extend of her spookiness, I'm ok with that!

Fingers crossed S has an uneventful first ride on her this week!


  1. Sounds like things are going great! Can't wait to hear about the first ride!

  2. What a good girl. I'm glad things are going well.