Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Seriously Peebs?

Ever since he put his leg through the fence, Peebs has had a little bit of swelling in that leg. Not much, and it went away with work so I haven’t been too concerned about it. But when I pulled him out yesterday I noticed there was more fill than normal and that there was a firm, defined lump. 

No heat and he didn’t react when I palpated it. I tossed him on the lunge line and while very lazy, he was sound. I called my vet’s office and texted pictures. My vet replied that since Peebs is sound and the lump is firm, we’re going to take the wait and see approach. Peebs is on one gram of bute a day and in a standing wrap till Friday when I’m to report back to the vet.

Hopefully this is just a minor thing, but I would appreciate any crossed fingers and healing thoughts!

1 comment:

  1. My best guess is a splint, fingers crossed for that since he should remain ok!