Thursday, June 30, 2016

Brownie Points


Monday, the day after Peebs' throw down in the pasture, I cleaned his cuts out and reapplied antibiotic spray.  He then went out into the dry lot paddock McKenna was in last year, by himself.  I figure after the show next weekend we'll try turning him out with other ponies again.  No need to risk the chance of him getting hurt before that.  Well, anymore than he's horse and horses are prone to injury no matter what, especially before a show.
The best view

Tuesday I put him on the lunge line and he was incredibly lazy.  But sound.  Which is what that matters. Wednesday I rode in the arena for maybe 15 minutes, just a little walk trot canter to see how he felt.  He took maybe two off steps but otherwise felt pretty good. 

Also, lots of brownie point for not caring about getting sunscreen on his little nosie.
The fields across from the barn have been cut, but not baled yet.  We usually only ride out in the fields after they're baled, but I couldn't wait.  We walked out between the windrows and Peebs was foot perfect.  I was able to ride with one hand on the buckle and he marched along happy as can be.  His first ride out in the field, by himself no less, and he's great.  He earned mega brownie points for that.