Monday, June 6, 2016

Friday Night Fun

Mother Nature decided to start summer early this weekend in Oregon. It went from mid60s last week to 99 over the weekend. Friday was forecast for close to 90, and I had a half day at work so I got to the barn just before noon to ride.
So hot, much tired
I had switched Peebs back to a plain snaffle like the awful clinician suggested to see how he was, and while I like the bit for flat work I need more brakes jumping. I wouldn't say he was bad, just forward and he tended to pick distances instead of listening to my half halts. We didn't ride super long since it was already getting hot and I hosed him down and put him away. 

I went home and passed out took a 3hr naprolled out of bed, and headed out to feed dinner. When I got there I chatted with one of the other boarders for a few mins and thought it odd that Peebs didn't whinny for me. Normally if I don't say hi to him and give him a cookie when I get to the barn he'll call for me. 

I got his hay and grain made and ambled down the aisle. He didn't poke his head over his door and was hanging out at the back of his stall. I fed and watched him thinking something wasn't right. He nosed the hay and took the tiniest bite of grain ever. He usually attacks his grain with great gusto so big alarm bells went off. He lifted his lip and I saw that his gums were pale. 

I called the vet and got the answering service since it was 5:30 and after hours. Luckily my regular vet was on call that night, instead of one of his associates, and still at the clinic which is a mile from the barn. Those five minutes waiting for him felt like forever and I was having flashbacks to Phoenix. Peebs was in no way as bad as Phoenix was, in fact I wouldn't even say he was colicking except that he wasn't eating. He had lots of normal poop, wasn't trying to go down, looked bright eyed and normal. But I was convinced it was serious. 
Really mom, I'm fine!

After a quick exam vet pronounced a mild colic, probably due to heat stress. His gut sounds were a tad sluggish, his respiratory rate was slightly high, but he had a normal temp and wasn't dehydrated. His gums were a touch pale but vet said still in the acceptable range. A dose of banamine and a recommendation for electrolytes and mushy grain later the vet was on his way. I stayed for a bit and watched him start eating before going to grab my own dinner.  I came back around 8 and he had eaten everything, pooped some more, and drank.

Peebs got Saturday off but was treated to twice a day grain (mushy and with electrolytes!) and a bath.  Even with 99* temps, he seemed fine and drank quite a bit.  Sunday I rode early in the am, worried that he'd colic again after riding but he was his normal self when I went out to feed last night when it was 93*.  He'll stay on the electrolytes all summer, just in case.  And hopefully this will be our only brush with colic and emergency after hours vet call!


  1. Eek! Always scary when the ponies are feeling 100%, but I'm glad you caught it quickly and the vet was able to come out :)

  2. Glad it was mild and he recovered quickly! I keep mine on electrolytes year round per my vet's recommendation. They tend to drink less in winter so it keeps that in check.

  3. Glad he is OK! I keep my boys on electrolytes all summer. Always scary when they colic!

  4. Aw poor guy! Glad he is feeling better now!

  5. After Carlos had the colic scare that one time I keep mine on electrolytes all year, it definitely gives me peace of mind.

    1. Oh yes, I keep forgetting to do this but if you still want the stirrup leathers I have them. My email address is Lnwillia at gmail dot com