Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Magic Touch

When we last left off Peebs had recovered from his mild colic/heat stress episode and I had a couple normal days.  It was still crazy hot and in the 90s so I wasn't riding much, but I know we had a couple meh rides sometime last week.  Then last Tuesday I got to the barn and saw this:

Peeb's sheath had swollen.  He let me touch it and it felt hard, like he had a little ball on each side.  If I didn't know any better I would have thought his testicles had finally dropped!!  I attempted cleaning it but that he did not like and I wasn't very successful. I did cold hose his sheath for a while, which felt odd and a bit creepy. Wednesday it was even more swollen so I called the vet.  Peebs was acting fine and peeing normally, and I rode, so I figured he wasn't that uncomfortable but I wanted to get it checked out before it got worse. 

Since it wasn't an emergency the only time they could fit me into the vet's schedule was if I took him into the clinic midday Thursday.  So I left work early and hauled him over. Peebs got a dose of happy drugs and my vet started cleaning.  He worked for a good half hour and eventually dug out a pretty good size bean.  Vet thinks that was what was causing the swelling and if I hadn't gotten his sheath cleaned it could have caused him to not be able to pee.  

The best part of the whole thing was when my vet was cleaning Peebs, Peebs would scrunch up his lips and his head would vibrate and shake.  It was like it hurt and yet felt so good.  The vet tech and I were cracking up and told my vet that he as the magic touch.  Peebs loves my vet so much he had to see him twice in a week!


  1. Carlos always loved having his sheath cleaned lol. Glad Peebs is feeling better and that the swelling will go away!

  2. ROFL! That video is priceless.