Friday, June 17, 2016

Back at it Again with the Pelham

One of the things that stuck with me from the awful, horrible, no good clinic was trying different bits with Peebs.  While I don't agree that my pelham is worthless and whoever sold it to me should be shot (technically it would be the nice checkout lady at the local feed store. Sorry girl, I really liked you!) its not a bad idea to try something new once in a while.  

I already knew that a plain snaffle or a French link is ok for flatwork, but I have no breaks when jumping.  A slow twist pissed Peebs off so much that we ran sideways into standards.  I tried a rubber mullen mouth and we also went spinning sideways. I tried a waterford and it went ok for three or four rides.  He wasn't super soft in my hand like with the plain snaffle, but I had breaks.  He was more reactive to it than the pelham, but not as much as with the mullen or slow twist. I did put a standing martingale on because he was a bit high headed but ultimately decided that I didn't like him in that bit.

I do like the look of a big hunter dee ring
So back we went to the pelham.  I tried adjusting my chain like she said to and I think I might need to see if I can take a couple links off.  Peebs just seems easier to ride with the pelham, and as much as I'd like to not have to ride with two reins, his comfort comes before mine. I might do some flat rides with the plain snaffle, just for funsies and who knows, maybe one day we can drop him down to it full time. But for now we'll stick to the awful best bit for him.
Dis my favorite bit.


  1. I think go with what's working for you and your horse, and be open to the possibility of changing it if the need arises. I don't know why people want to make it any more complicated than that. I still have a huge crush on Peebs, by the way...that blaze is totally my weakness :)

  2. Yea I echo T's thoughts. Exploring other options is never a bad idea - but if the pelham works it works.

  3. I love pelhams and I think that clinic lady should just be ignored.

  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with using a pelham correctly. If your horse is happy and goes well in it, I don't see a problem. My junior hunter wore a pelham to jump way back in the day, and he pinned well with it. We used a D for the flat class though.