Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Goals Check In

My goals for the first half of the year were pretty basic since I had just gotten Peebs:

The Peebs:

  • Work on ear clipping/ear handling in general  Still needs work.  But clipping his ears while sedated works well.
  • Get his teeth done  Found out he was missing a tooth!
  • Figure out our bitting situation  Broken snaffle pelham ftw!!!
  • Lunge 1x week in the vienna reins  Did this almost every week, but keeping it for a yearly goal
  • Canter transitions Much better than they were, but we can always improve!
  • Get comfortable over fences again! Pretty sure this will always be a work in progress
  • Work on my eye and seeing a distance I think my eye has gotten worse....
  • Learn to trust that he's not going to take off/spin/crowhop/rear  While not a deadhead, Peebs is such a laid back guy its been easy to relax on him, especially on the flat.  
As anxious as I am to show I'd love to be able to set show goals, but I figure we need to get to know each other first.  If I show before the summer, great!  If not, who cares!  My main goal is get comfortable jumping again and enjoy the ride! Done!! And with great results! I'm planning another show in a couple weeks, still at the trot-a-course height but this year will be dedicated to getting back into the groove and having fun at shows!

For the rest of 2016 my goals are:

The Peebs:
  • Work on ear clipping/mane pulling/ear handling
  • Lunge 1x week in vienna reins
  • Canter transitions 
  • Start working on flying changes 
  • Field rides once a week when the fields open up
  • Get comfortable over fences
  • Work on my eye and seeing distances
  • 2pointober
  • no stirrups at least once a week
  • Be able to canter a full course of fences (height doesn't matter) without losing my shit
  • Continue showing as time and money allows
  • Dominate the crossrails and make all the little pony kids cry when they lose to us