Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rides and Massage

We had a pretty good ride yesterday.  I rushed out to the barn after work to ride while it was still light and the footing in the outdoor was good.  We just did some flat work, schooling leg yields and transitions within the trot and canter.  In my haste to get on, I forgot to grab a crop.  Buddy is pretty lazy, especially warming up.  He doesn't like spurs, and using them can actually make him stop and root without moving at all.  I usually use a crop for a little encouragement. I had to really use my seat and legs to get him to go forward and then collect again.

Today I rode without stirrups in the indoor.  We didn't really do much, just played around for 20mins or so.  We did some transition work; both upwards and down canter transitions.  Being a rope horse, Buddy was trained to go from a canter to the halt. RIGHT. NOW.  Cow horses don't do canter-trot or canter-walk transitions.  They canter then plant their butt in the dirt.  Buddy still wants to slam down on his front end during our downward transitions.  We've been working on canter-trots, and had some nice ones today.

Buddy is probably getting a massage tomorrow, so he'll have the day off.  My friend is a certified human and equine massage therapist, and I asked if she could come out and work on Bud.  He tends to get sore in his lower back and hips, and I want to make sure he's feeling the best he can.

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