Monday, January 2, 2012


For our yearly goals, I'm keeping it pretty simple.
  • Be showing 2'6" (hunters, jumper, or eq doesn't matter) and be schooling higher
  • Attend as many schooling shows as we can, and $$ allowing, one A rated show
  • Be schooling 1st level dressage movements, and if $$ allows show at 1st level
  • For fun, go XC schooling at least one, hopefully twice, and take Bud to the beach
  • Be comfortable doing a 2' course without my stirrups
I have our monthly goals at little more planned out. For January:
  • Ride at least once a week on the flat without stirrups.  As in take my stirrups off the saddle once I have gotten on and still do all our normal flat work.
  • Jump once a week, getting up to 2'3" by the end of the month. We haven't been jumping regularly for the past few months due to a variety of reasons, and we need to get back into shape for show season. Depending on weather, if our outdoor arena is usable I would like to be doing small courses by the end of the month.  Our indoor arena is only large enough for a couple fences, so if the outdoor is out, I'll be ok with cantering single fences inside.
  • Continue working on our dressage-y flat work; leg yields, shoulder in, lengthening and collecting. 
  • Work on our flying changes, both across the diagonal and along the long side. Our changes across the diagonal are almost there, but he hasn't quite gotten the concept of doing them in a straight line.

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