Friday, January 13, 2012

Jump for Joy

I set up a few small fences today; a couple cross-rails and the cavalettis.  After a light warm up where we worked on transitions and getting Buddy to really move off my leg, we started trotting the fences.  Since we haven't been jumping regularly, Buddy was pretty forward (for him) at first.  He likes to drag me down to the fence when he's excited, so I tried to stay still and tall with  my body and keep a steady rhythm.  After about 4 or 5 trot fences, he got tired and was quieter and not rushing to the fence.

We started cantering single fences, working on having a nice forward rhythm, bending in the corners, and having nice lines to the jump.  I tend to get nervous when I can't "see" a distance, and will lock my elbows and take my leg off my horse.  Buddy is good at ignoring me and finding his own way to the fence.  Today, I tried to stay relaxed and let the jump come to me. 

On the landing side of the jumps, we worked on staying straight and using our space in the corners.  Buddy likes to dive on his front end and fall into the turn.  He was good today, and we were able to work on our lead changes.  We would put a few fences together, then I'd give him a walk break.  Since he's out of shape jumping wise, I didn't do too much.  For not jumping consistently since September, I was happy at how good he was today and that we haven't lost much of what we had been working on.

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