Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting back to it

Buddy and I have our first lesson over fences in months on Thursday!  We jumped a little on Sunday, and Buddy was great.  I can tell he's missed jumping; he was in front of my leg from the moment I got on. 

After my ride, Bud had a few hours off then Nik rode.  He was better for her than he's ever been.  She was able to get him to trot by herself for the first time.  Since she was doing better, I put her on the lunge line and let her do a little canter.  She's cantered another horse once and was bucked off, and then a different horse took off with her and she fell.  She's understandably nervous about cantering.  Bud was a little pissy at first; he shook his head and Nik got unseated, but stayed on.  When we tried again, he picked it right up and was perfect for her.  She loved it!

Bud had Monday off, then today we did a flat hack.  We had some really nice extension in our trot work.  While he's getting better at extending then coming back, I would still like him to be a little more balanced.  I'm trying to stay tall with my body, and not let him drag me down. Bud had a little meltdown over counter canter.  He wouldn't pick it up, then got cranky when I got after him with my crop.  When he gets mad, he flips his head and tries to pull the reins away.  I'm trying to make a big effort to keep my hands low and still during his tantrum. It seems to be working.  After his tantrum our counter canter was ok, but not great.  We'll keep working on it.

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