Friday, January 1, 2021

Cinder Progress Report: Look Mom!

 Because Trainer A is Awesome™ she actually responded to my text asking if I could set up a time to watch her ride Cinder, with not one but two days that worked for me! It's a miracle. Yesterday wast the first day, and today is the second.

I'm too lazy to edit the videos I took, so have some screenshots

Not only can she schedule lessons, she also let me do things with my own horse. With Trainer S, whenever I was there, she always handled Cinder and I honestly felt awkward for wanting to do things with my own horse. Like one time I got there as she was bringing in horses and I offered to grab Cinder but she said she could get her. Trainer A was cooling out a horse when I got to the barn and asked if I could grab Cinder and start grooming her. Totally different vibe.

As we tacked Cin up, A talked about what's she done and noticed with Cinder. Ride #3 was a roller coaster, with Cinder having a major tantrum and rearing, but once she figured out the 1) A wasn't going to come off, 2) A wasn't intimidated, and 3) A wasn't going to escalate the argument, Cinder was great. She had her tantrum, then A politely asked to work and she was fine. Which is exactly what I've noticed with her over the years. Since then she's been great. They rode with another horse in the arena for the first time on Wednesday, and other than a little loss of steering at the canter (Cinder really wanted to go be with Pudge), Cinder was fine. 


Being a riding horse is exhausting you guys

Cinder looked great under saddle. Her steering is much improved (I was the magnet in the center of the ring that kept drawing her in), her trot looks great, and her canter, while big and a bit gangly, looks pretty well balanced. She's getting the concept of stretchy trot, wants to go on the bit, and is starting to get bending to the inside. A rode for maybe 20 mins, and made everything look easy. She said her goals right now are work on going forward and to have Cinder start accepting the aids, and build up stamina and muscle. She wants to keep things short and sweet, and have it be fun for Cinder. 

The only naughty thing Cinder currently does is nicker and call under saddle. Apparently she and Kiwi are BFFs are if Kiwi calls for her Cinder will call back. Which happened a couple of times during her ride. Thankfully both times were low nickers or a small whinny, no obnoxious screaming. But, being sisters and mares, during feeding time they will make nasty face at each other over their stall doors, threaten to bite and even kick the walls at each other. Oh girls!


  1. That canter still looks really lovely

  2. So exciting! I'm glad things are going so much better with the new trainer!