Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Sibling Not So Similarities

 I've posted before about how Cinder is pretty much a copy of her mom and older half sister Izy (out of the same mare, by an Oldenburg stud). But now that Cin is at WCS and is stalled next to her younger half sister Kiwi (same dad, out of a Welsh Cob section D mare) we can compare and contrast them!


 Obviously the height difference is pretty evident. Cinder's going to be 17hh, if not bigger, while Kiwi is probably going to finish around 15.1hh. But that's to be expected. Abby, Cin's mom was 16.3ish while Peaches, Kiwi's mom is 15ish. Apparently Rogue (dad) added a little height to the mares. 

Not the same place in their stride, but close enough for me. To my (not so educated) eye, Kiwi looks more dressagey while Cin looks more huntery. But that could just be me wanting Cinder to be a hunter.  Kiwi does have some serious moves and UL dressage potential. Again, Cinder is obviously bigger and longer while Kiwi is much  more Cob-like in her build.

from Ellen Chappell Photography


It could be the blaze, but Kiwi seems to have a longer head and bigger muzzle. Cinder's muzzle has always seemed a bit small to me and when Kiwi's just seems more normal. But it could be small, just fit's her smaller size. I love Kiwi's tiny ears, compared to Cinder's giant ones. Seriously, Cider's ears fill out a bonnet that's too big for Peebs. But as they say, big ears help you fly.

After talking with KP and the barn manager, we've all agreed that poor Rogue really didn't contribute much to his only kids. Both seem to be slightly bigger versions of their moms. Also, Kiwi is for sale if anyone is interested!


  1. So fun having Cinder's sister there with her! She's so cute!

  2. Its always super interesting to see how the genetics shakes out :) Tesla's Mom had 3 different fillies by 3 different Studs and they legit all look like clones of their Momma (in different colours LOL). Porsche's half-brothers look nothing like her....

  3. Some studs are like that, Dante's dad seemed to have a 'stamp' he put on his foals which is pretty neat to see lol