Monday, January 18, 2021

Getting Back into the Groove

 Much of 2020 felt like I was rehabbing Peebs. Between putting his leg through the fence, the fires, the colics, and then his NQRness in the fall, it’s felt like I didn’t make any progress. But now that he’s feeling better we’ve started over again. 

Not pleased about our 8am lesson time

We’ve had two lessons now. Our last lesson was in November when I asked for my trainer’s opinion on him being NQR, and the last one before that was in August, before the fires. Our lesson last week was mainly reminding Peebs that he does in fact know how to go on the bit, and bend to the inside. He thought he was semiretired and that real work is bullshit. We had to have a couple CTJ moments and I was glad to have my trainer there to help me push through Peebs’ resistance. 

They trimmed the bushes along the driveway and I grabbed some as jump fill

Our lesson this weekend went much better and we were actually able to put together three whole jumps in a row for the first time since August. We’re still focusing on basics, like not rushing after the fences, or falling on his inside shoulder. Nothing groundbreaking but important nonetheless. Peebs is finally starting to feel like his old self and I’m getting comfortable asking for more and putting things together. Hopefully we can continue regular lessons and keep making progress. 

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  1. Dante seems to think he's semi-retired after 1 week of not jumping haha at least Peebs got back with the program quickly!