Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Cinder Progress Report: First Jumps!

Friday I went up to watch Trainer A ride Cinder again. It was jump day for A's students/horses in training, but the plan with Cinder was to work on steering around the fences, and maybe do some poles. A tacked up in her dressage saddle, not at all planning on jumping. But we all know how well plans and ponies go together. 


Pretty much as soon as she saw the jumps, Cinder was jazzed. She was locking onto them as A was trotting around, and was much more willing to go forward. A calls her a gumby horse as she's very bendy, and she contorted herself trying to go to the fences when A circled her around them. So A finally said why not, and pointed her at one of the cross rails. And of course Cinder trotted up to it, then promptly stopped. 

Obviously she figured it out


A quietly encouraged her to keep going forward and she jumped it from a standstill. Second time she walked over it, and the third time you could see the light bulb go off and she figured out how to jump it from a trot with a human on her back. And there was no going back after that. She was having a blast and A cantered her over a few more fences. A said she really wasn't doing much up there, just steering and supporting but Cinder was already staring to balance herself and figure out her own distances. Cinder also showed off a couple nice flying changes, then started landing on the correct lead. They only did a handful of jumps, but A said Cinder was already more balanced and sure of herself than the 4yr old OTTB she has in training that's been jumping for a month.