Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blogger Gift Exchange

First off, big THANK YOU to Tracy for hosting the 3rd annual Blogger Gift Exchange!  Its so fun to find new blogs and shop for other people!!

When I came back from my vacation to NorCal on Sunday, it was to a lovely mix of below freezing temps, ice, and freezing rain.  Because I'm considered essential staff at my job I still had to report to work at 7am Monday morning even though the university wasn't opening till 10 am.  By 8am we got the word that the university had closed for the day and my boss gave us the ok to make sure the essentials were done and to get on home. When I got home around 11am I stopped to check the mail since I hadn't all week when I was gone.  I was happily surprised to see my Blogger gift waiting for me!  Made the frozen morning much more bearable!
So pretty!

I received a lovely gift from Julie at Kickin' Sand in the Croatan!  There was a lovely card inside, and don't worry Julie about it being late I was on vacation anyways!  I loved the wrapping paper and that she had even bound everything together.  It seemed so professional!

There were more socks, but I might have put them on before remembering to take a pic!

Inside all the lovely paper was a pretty horse head pin, quite a few pairs of boot socks, and a copy of Modern Farmer magazine. I'm thinking the pin will go on my nice, non-barn coat so it doesn't get dirty.  I love the fun socks, and they'll be perfect for the new tall boots I got myself as "Yay you gave away sold McKenna" present. Once I've caught up on sleep (going on vacation wasn't nearly as relaxing as I thought it would be) I plan to have a comfy night on the couch with some hard cider and the magazine.

Thank you again for the great gifts Julie and thank you Tracy for hosting!!


  1. So glad it arrived safely, enjoy!! The gift exchange really is a wonderful way to meet fellow horse chicks :)