Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bachelor #2

The day after falling in love the chestnut I headed back up towards Portland to see a horse my friend, KP, has for sale for a client.  He's an 8yr old solid bay paint that has been a pleasure horse.  My friend used to jump a lot but has started training more for the pleasure/open show circuit than the h/j.  She had posted G for sale and seeing how cute he was, I asked if she had ever jumped him.  She said no, but she could. She texted me back a few days later saying she had jumped him a bit and he was totally chill and more than willing so I agreed to go look at him.

When I got to the barn KP was talking to a client but pointed G out in a paddock and I went to go get him.  He willing came over to the gate, but once I tried to pet him his ears went flat back and he snaked his teeth out at me.  Apparently he can be a bit defensive about his stall/paddock and it gets worse at feeding time.  He was fine when I led him in and fine while we groomed, but I could help but be a little put off by the initial snark.  His owner stopped riding (why he's for sale) and I guess he got snarkier the more he sat. 
Cuteness after the snark

KP got on him and you could obviously tell he was a pleasure horse.  Not quite a peanut roller, but close even though he was willing to move out. He hasn't figure out contact yet, prefers to go with the pleasure horse loop in the reins.  Over the little cross rail KP had set up he wasn't sure what to do with his legs but gamely trotted and cantered it, getting better each time. He was very comfy to ride, smoooooth gaits and light off your aids.

But the biggest mark against him was an old rope burn/scar along his pastern. They think he had been roped and dropped to ground at some point. He needs front shoes to help support that leg, and both my trainer and I don't think he would stand up to being jumped.  I'm not opposed to getting something that green over fences, especially with a good mind, but not being sure how high he could go and with an old injury like that, and the snark, G is not the horse for me.


  1. aw bummer... but yea personality is so important, you want a horse that you enjoy being around! he is cute tho...

  2. Super cute face, but seems like sound decision-making!

  3. Cute face but it sounds like a good call.

  4. He's a cutie! But probably a good decision to pass on him as a jumper.