Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Pony, New Tack

First off on the name front: After a couple days of having him I don't think Paddy fits his personality.  I'm taking a little bit to see what I call him consistently before ordering a name plate for his halter, but already I can tell it's not going to be Paddy.  So far I'm leaning towards PB or Peebs.   And I'm open to suggestions on show names.

Already a master of the selfie

It actually looks like I'm going to get away with not having to buy much in the way of new tack for PB.  I guess that's the plus side to having three horses at once who all wore different sized boots, blankets, and girths.  The only things I know I need are new open fronts, a new halter (ordered) and nameplate (once I decide), gallons and gallons of whitening shampoo, and a new stable sheet.  PB and McKenna wear the same size blankets but I don't think McKenna's pink stable sheet will look good on PB.  He's not exactly a gelding that can pull off the pink.  It's not a super critical purchase, he can wear what I have and just look bad for now, and hopefully in the spring I can get a deal on a new sheet when everything goes on sale.

Houston, we have a problem here...and it's just not that they chopped off his tail
While McKenna and PB are also about the same height, the mare being 15.3 and him being 15.2, they have substantially different sized legs.  The first thing my vet said when he came to look at PB was "Good bone."  Peebs' has that good stock horse bone for sure!  My medium EquiFit boots just barley fit so I think I'll be looking for a large sized pair.  This is a little more of a "need to buy soon" item since I prefer to jump with open fronts, but he can wear polos for now.
I'm hoping someday this will be our "before" picture for a #transformationtuesday
And what's everyone's favorite whitening shampoo?  Buddy had a couple socks but was very good about keeping them clean so I didn't have to do much in the way of extra washing for them.  But Peebs' has much more white and I can already tell I'm going to be washing those stockings a lot more often.


  1. The purple stuff + rubbing alcohol + corn starch

  2. The cowboy magic green spot remover works miracles between washings - it's my go to in the winter when I'm worried about their legs staying damp :)

  3. Don't waste your money on whitening shampoo; blue Dawn dish soap is much cheaper and does an equally amazing job with socks, stockings and blazes.

  4. QuicSilver is may favorite. I need to buy stock in that company with the amount I use on paint horses...

  5. That selfie picture is too cute! Being able to pose should definitely be a required trait when purchasing a horse. :P

  6. Love the new header - he so shiney!!! ♡

    PB makes me think of Peanutbutter, sorry prob not what you want to hear!
    I just love his face & 100% kissable nose.
    Great that you can recycle stuff from previous horses, love when that happens rather than having to immediately go out and buy all the things! Happy shopping when you do though I hope you two have tons of fun ☺

  7. I used Dawn regularly and QuicSilver for shows :-)

  8. Dawn is great, and I also love the carr day and martin shampoo