Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking Forward 2016

My main goal of 2016: Buy a new pony!! Everything else, shows, clinics, lessons, my life, is going to be on hold till that happens.

Only current source of horsepower 

McKenna left on Sunday and for the first time in almost 16yrs I don't have a horse. It's very weird to not have to go to the barn every day, to not think about who is going to take care of her when I'm on vacation (currently visiting family in NorCal), and not trying to plan lessons or what our riding schedule will be for the week. 

I had planned to look at a horse while down visiting my family but the seller never emailed me back. But there is a gelding about an hour from home that looks promising so when I get back trainer and I will try to coordinate schedules to go look at him. Another girl in the barn has been horse shopping for a few months now and she and trainer have weeded out a few I was potentially interested in. A is looking for her first horse so she needs more of a packer while I don't but we'll probably be looking at a few of the same ponies. But pony shopping for others is just as much fun as pony shopping for yourself. 


  1. I hope you enjoy some R&R time and hanging out with family. Shall keep everything crossed for fun & fruitful shopping sprees for you and your barnmate

  2. Congrats on officially rehoming McKenna! I can't wait to see some new pony prospects!

  3. How much fun! Shopping is frustrating and exciting! Wish you the best of luck.

  4. happy new year!!! i hope the horse shopping goes really well! also somehow i suspect that having compatriots in the shopping process might actually make it more fun (or at least maybe less stressful?). good luck!

  5. Happy New Year! Good luck with pony shopping!
    I JUST got my post up from the gift exchange, thank you SO MUCH for the scarf! It's so perfect!!!!

  6. Happy new year and so exciting :)