Monday, April 20, 2015

World Cup Impressions

I'm on mobile blogger, so I'm just going to share a few of my thoughts from the World Cup till I can get my laptop hooked up to my parents' wifi. 

The Thomas & Mack arena is super tiny
. The courses were all twisty turny, with every jump coming up super quick.  

It was awesome to see the best of the best up close and see how they approached the courses. I was amazed at how Beezie would get Simon to some incredibly deep spots, especially to the oxers, and how he just seems to spring over them. 
Rich, his wife Shelley, and son Chris walking the final course. 

The atmosphere was electric when Rich and Flexible came in. I was shaking and the crowd rose every fence with them. At the end of their final round, after dropping to 7th, they got a standing ovation.

Celebrity sightings included sitting behind Shelley and Chris Fellers on the shuttle bus to the show, having Lucy Davis walk next to me as we were waiting in the cab line, and standing next to Marcus Ehning while waiting to buy drinks. I'm proud of myself for not completely fan girling. 

Finally my mom and I were winners at the USHJA booth. I bought some embroidered polo wraps and if you willing to have your picture taken for their Facebook page, you got a free backpack. We snatched the last two!


  1. Sounds awesome, Flexible is amazing! Love that that little Irish horse has done so sell & will hopefully continue his daddy's legacy

  2. sounds like a great time! the courses definitely sounded incredibly challenging in that tiny arena, but hopefully the competitors and horses enjoyed themselves too!