Saturday, April 18, 2015

More Reasons to Love TS

I'm on my way to Vegas to watch the World Cup Finals, then will be making my way to my parent's place in San Diego.  So for the next few days enjoy some qued/filler content!

When I first starting using TS as a chiropractor almost 10yrs ago all I really knew was she was a chiropractic DVM in our area who traveled.  Over the years I learned she was a former dressage rider/trainer and still did clinics up and down the west coast. It wasn't until our first clinic with her, maybe 3yrs ago?, that I really learned about her past.

Except TS

TS grew up in SoCal, riding rented horses in LA.  As a teenager she focused on equitation and dressage and at 18 started riding for George Morris at his clinics in SoCal.  She was asked to go back east and TRAIN AT HUNTERDON with GM!!!  She has to have nerves of steel because she declined and went to vet school instead. In college she focused on dressage while getting a BS, MS, and DVM as a Regents Scholar.  Afterwards she worked with Herman Koopman, Major Ander Lindgren and Charles De Knuffy, training and riding up to the Grand Prix level.
TS on one of her TBs.  Shamelessly stolen from her website
TS has a preference for TBs, saying that what she grew up riding and is most comfortable on.  In the late 80s she got a TB stallion that had been showing in the 4' hunters successfully with the intention to show him dressage and start a breeding program with him. Cloned Steel was a 1983 15.3hand chestnut bred to be a sport horse, not a race horse.  TS took him up to Grand Prix as well as taking him to the keurings for some of the warmblood stud books. Cloney placed first in the jumping section of the Trakhener keuring even though he hadn't jumped in years. He was the first, and one of only a handful, of TB studs to be approved by the Trakhener and Dutch stud books.
Unfortunately Cloney has died, but TS has an appendix stallion son of his.  According to her "he never really did anything, schooled up to 3rd level."  She got his from his breeder right when she was getting out of training/showing.  He lives the life at her house and she breeds him to select mares; only mares that she approves of and likes.  I'm very, very luck in that she's offered flat told me to breed McKenna to him.  I've only seen a picture of him, but he's a bright chestnut with chrome like his daddy but has more of an AQHA body.  I'm seriously considering it, in a few years.


  1. Wow just wow - what an amazing life TS is leading.
    Total legend & she sure sounds like she likes McKenna and let's be honest, who wouldn't?!

  2. she sounds like a really awesome person - with an impressive history. very cool that she likes McKenna too. it'd be neat to have a little McKenna baby running around too :)