Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: Skinny Pants

Everyone has that one pair of skinny pants they keep in the back of their closet. Not necessarily skinny as in skinny jeans, but a size (or two or three) smaller than they currently wear that they just can't part with.  Mine is a pair of old school TS breeches.  I love those breeches, but I haven't been able to get into them for 5+ years. 
I forgot just how much I love TS.

Just after the first of the year I got serious about loosing weight.  I downloaded the Lose It! app which is basically a calorie counter.  It's been up and down but I'm currently down just over 20lbs. I was able to get into the TS's last week.  They were a bit tighter than I'd want, but I still have more weight to loose.  My reward for getting to my goal weight is going to be at least one new pair of Tailoreds.


  1. Woohoo that is fab - you go girl ☺☺☺

  2. Congrats! I happen to love the Lose It! app, I think it makes everything so easy. And good for you for giving yourself a sweet reward when you accomplish your weight goal....rewards like TS breeches will definitely give you motivation to keep going! :)

  3. woo hoo- congrats on some serious progress! nothing quite like a little motivation :)