Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Scenes from SoCal

I had a wonderful and relaxing vacation last week at my parent's outside San Diego.  It was bittersweet; my parents are selling my childhood home and moving to the beach in Mexico.  I haven't lived down there in over 10 years, but it will be weird visiting and not staying there.  So this was my last hurrah at home.
The things you find while cleaning out the house. Me and a TB gelding I leased for a while, Ferrari.  Circa 2002
I did manage to sneak in a ride at my old barn.  My old trainer and I went for a "trail" ride.  The barn in out in the suburbs, but suburbia's been growing.  They have bridle paths along some of the roads and around a big park.  I was riding Royal, a TB gelding my trainer has only had a month, and only taken on the trails once.  I was prepared to die, but he was a very good boy.  The only thing he didn't like was a stroller coming towards him but all he did was stare and snort at it.
Meet Royal, trail horse extraordinaire.
We took a day and went down to see the house my parents are renting in Mexico. They'll be just a half hour or so south of the border and the area is super nice.  Very relaxing and laid back.  I can't wait to spend Christmas on the beach instead of freezing my butt off in Oregon!
Future view
And last but not least, while going shopping with my mom we passed the following, and I of course made her stop the car so I could get the pic:


  1. haha equitation lane! That'd be a brilliant name for a farm's driveway!

  2. Sounds like a fab way to spend a week ☺

  3. I wonder if George Morris lives on Equitation Lane ;)

  4. lol @ equitation lane! sounds like a fun visit :)

  5. Christmas on the beach is really nice, but also weird because you just don't see the same type of decorations, lol