Thursday, April 16, 2015

Back on Track

I still haven't replied to my MT about McKenna, but fortunately the mare is getting better.  I did some of the massage techniques she taught us working on the big knots in the mare's back (seriously, you could see them).  The temperature's dropped back enough that the horses need sheets on at night, so McKenna's been getting some quality time with my BoT sheet.

She also got a special massage from my BO's new gelding. Apparently both of us have a thing for chestnuts with chrome.
Tuesday McKenna got lunged in some loose set side reins to help stretch her out.  I could tell she was feeling a lot better; I was able to brush her without her flinching and didn't feel near as many knots in her back.  She was surprisingly good on the lunge.  A little up and wild eyed, but payed attention and didn't have any crazy moments.

Yesterday, after a long turnout time in the indoor, we had a pretty good w-t-c ride.  She started out pretty up again, but lots of forward trot with circles and changes of direction helped bring her back.  She felt like she did a couple weeks ago; a powder keg ready to go off but I was proud of both of us for not freaking out and working through it. We didn't do much more than 20mins as I didn't want to push her and she felt maybe a little weak towards the end but I figure we're rehabbing so it's to be expected.
Oregon State, fight fight fight!  Go Beavers!!
I tried the tape test that's been going around on social media.  Apparently putting duct tape on a horse's nose acts like a twitch and helps chill them out for the farrier, mane pulling, or clipping.  Since one of our quarterly goals is to work on ear clipping I thought I'd try it out on McKenna.  For us it was a big fat FAIL. As soon as I put the tape on, McKenna started swinging her head and rubbing her nose on anything she could reach trying to get the tape off.  I tried a few times, letting her sit for a couple minutes with it on but I wasn't able to clip her ears anymore than I normally do.  Oh well, at least we tried!


  1. haha i think my mare would flip her lid if i tried putting tape on her face...but i guess you never know til you try! glad McKenna's feeling better at least

  2. She is such a pretty girl. I'm glad she is feeling better bit by bit.

  3. ahh I saw the tape thing too and thought about trying it out on my moose when I ear clip!