Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mineral Ice FTW!

My leg is getting much better but is still sore.  As I was getting things packed in my tack trunk last night I came across my tub of Mineral Ice.  I've used it on the horses and a little voice in my head said to try it on my leg. I put it on this morning before work and within a half hour my leg felt great. It was cool and tingly; felt like I had an ice pack on it.  It lasted about an hour or so and really helped me get through the day.

Love Love Love!
I put another coat on my leg before heading out to the barn.  I got Tia ready as I felt it kick in.  We had a short ride, but I as able to hold the canter (part of that could have been my spurs) and we did a quick jump school over a few fences.  I'm still not 100% but hopefully by Saturday I will be! 

My friend's braiding Tia in the morning, and apparently the "thing" is to have a charm braided into one of the braids.  Since the show's a cancer fundraiser, I found a small pink ribbon charm that hopefully Corie and work into the braid.  I also got a pink ribbon pin to wear instead of a traditional stock pin.


  1. Good luck! It's neat that they are doing it as a cancer fundrasier.

    1. The former H/J trainer died of breast cancer so they are doing it in her name. I think this is the 3rd or 4th year they've done it.

  2. I use Biofreeze for sore muscles, and it's amazing. Make sure to take pictures of the charm and pink ribbon pin! I love that you are adding these small special touches to support the cause :-)

  3. When all else fails, use stuff made for horses! :) Good luck with the show.