Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Steps

Tia got her teeth done yesterday, so she got yesterday and today off. I did free lunge her a bit today then decided to tackle her mane. I was disappointed that she got her teeth done while I was at work because I wasn't there to take advantage of her sedation. For an ex-A circuit horse Tia is awful about beauty treatments.

  She HATES having her mane fussed with, will tolerate clippers on her muzzle but not her bridle path or ears. In the past I've used a thinning blade to trim her mane short but I really don't like the look or feel that it gives the mane. All the horses I've had or leased have been great about getting their manes done that I can do them pretty fast and pretty well. I don't have the same ability with the thinning blade and don't want to learn. I decided that tonight Tia could suck it up and deal because I am not going to a medal final with a horse with a half assed mane.
Her long bridle path is very annoying.  Apparently I need to supervise the lesson girls a bit more when they do their show prep.

I ended up doing about half of her mane and it's not quite as short as I would like, especially since she'll be braided for the show.  It took me roughly 45 mins to get that far so we'll continue to work at it. I had her in the cross ties and we walked back and forth with me pulling as we walked.  Since she wouldn't stand still I couldn't use a step stool (she's 16.3hand and I'm 5'3") so my arms got tired.  She did get cookies and an apple afterwards so maybe next time won't be so bad.

On the Buddy front, I rode him last night and he felt a little too good!  He doesn't feel sore or tender at all and was really forward.  We didn't do too much, just worked on transitions and getting him to relax because all he wanted to do was run.  I'm sure that won't last too much longer as he's a lazy horse at heart.  But it was fun not have to carry/use a whip or feel like I'm nagging him with my seat and leg.

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