Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hunter Princess Blog Hop: Hunter Stereotype You Break

Is there a way that you “break the mold” of the stereotypical hunter princess?"

I don't really consider myself a hunter princess, since I perfer the jumpers but I've shown more in the hunter ring.  I think the biggest stereotype I break is that my horse isn't a made fancy warmblood:

It really doesn't get much anti-hunter than this
For the first 12yrs of his life, Buddy was a rope horse.  He had never seen an english saddle till he came to our barn in 2007.  We don't play with cows a lot, and I'll never have the coordination to rope something, but it's fun to put the western saddle on and just mess around.  I really think it's good for them to be well rounded ponies; I'm even thinking of taking Phoenix on cows to see what he does.

At shows I've had people ask me what breed Buddy is.  I usually say he's a QH because it's easier than trying to explan he's a Paint with no white.  His mom was a QH so he's really 50/50 but has APHA papers. I had someone tell me once that he looks like a warmblood with his legs cut off.  I thought it was a compliment.
Our best beefcake warmblood impersonation