Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Ready

I took today and tomorrow off of work to rest.  My tailbone is hurting more, and my right leg is still pretty sore.  I'm not walking quite right, but much better than Saturday night.  I'll try to ride tomorrow, and hopefully I can make my lesson on Wednesday. 

We got the schedule for the finals on Saturday.  We have a course walk at 1pm, then my flat round starts at 2:15.  My over fences round starts at 3:30.  The plan is to leave our barn around 10:30-11 Saturday.  It's a little over an hour away, and that will give us time to settle Tia in her day stall before walking the course.  After the walk I'll tack up and warm up for the flat, then jump after.  Luckily Tia is the same at shows as she is at home and shouldn't take much warm up or fuss.

My friend is going to braid Tia Friday for me since my hunter braids are majorly lacking.  Jen and I finished pulling her mane last Friday with the aid of the twitch.  It looks so nice!  I of course forgot to take a pic but she now has a respectable mane.  I'm planning on clipping her later this week, probably with the twitch.

The last thing I need to plan is what I'm wearing.  I'd normally wear the traditional eq clothes; blue hunt coat and white shirts.  But these medal finals are a fundraiser for the Portland Providence Cancer Center they are asking riders, trainers, and spectators to wear pink.  I have a pink plaid shirt.  Jen said to go with the pink, and I'm leaning that direction but I'm not sure. 

These aren't mine, but the same shirt that I have.  Got it for $15 from!
In the past the winner of these finals got a custom County saddle.  This year they said that awards are being sponsored by a local feed store, a local tack shop, and CWD.  They didn't say whether or not a saddle is up for grabs, but I can hope right?


  1. Go Pink! There is a major horse show in my area that has a "Pink" day (the show is 24 days long) and everyone (Judges included!) get really into it. It's a lot of fun!!

  2. Sounds good that they are fundraising for cancer. I like those pink shirts. :)

  3. oooo I hope you get a saddle!

    Go with pink! It will look nice! I love wearing pink with a gray coat :)