Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blog Hop: A Circuit Horse I'd Love to Own

I didn't do the first part of the blog hop, but I'll jump in here.  I'd love to own Royal Beach Farao. 

He's an 18yr old Mecklenburg stallion from Portland.  I saw him a few years ago while I was horse shopping before I bought Buddy. He was boarded at the barn where I was looking at a horse and I was impressed with his presence and good looks.  Since he's a local boy, I've followed his wins at shows and thru Facebook. 

In the past he's been a GP jumper, with wins at Spruce Meadows and has qualified for the World Cup.  A few years ago he moved to the hunter ring and has wins in the performance hunters and derbies.  This year he qualified for the International Hunter Derby finals, but didn't go.
 This is his final show season, he'll be retired to the breeding barn this fall. I don't know how much his stud fee is, and since I don't have a mare the point is moot, but I would breed to him if I could.  He's the perfect mix of hunter and jumper for me.  Since I love riding in both rings I'd want a horse that could go back and forth.