Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So far so good!

Amy came out today to try out Buddy.  She seemed to like him, and really enjoyed that he has lead changes as the past couple horses she's leased didn't.  They just did some flat work today and she'll ride him again on Friday.

Yesterday we did a flat hack with the draw reins.  I was expecting him to be cranky since I rode during dinner time, but he was really good.  He was soft and responsive and felt great.  We worked on transitions and had some nice upward ones.  A few times he actually picked up the canter on his own!  The only problem was going from a free walk with a long rein to a medium walk with connection.  He would either trot or canter off when I picked up contact or stop and not move.  To work on that, we did about 100 transitions.  We ended by walking around with contact till he relaxed into it.

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