Friday, February 15, 2013

Catching up to take off

I've been sick all week so there hasn't been much to report but last Sunday I hacked Phoenix during a lesson Jen was giving. He was surprisingly good and we jumped 2'3" for the first time in three years!

We started by trotting a 2' vertical and stopping on a straight line. We did it back and forth a few times till he felt calm then I let him canter off. From there Jen had us trot in and canter out of a 4 stride line. The first time was ok, I actually had to convince him to go down the line; he was expecting to stop like we had been doing. The second time thru he got excited so we stopped and backed in the line before trotting a circle then going to the second fence. Third time was better.

We took a walk break while the lesson girls jumped around a bit more. When they were done we trotted the line again and did it nicely so I decided to be brave and canter a single fence. Again he felt explosive on landing so we stopped and backed again before trying a second time. He was much better so I called it quits with that.

Anna got back on him on Monday and while she was nervous she did well. You could tell Phoenix knew and he packed her around very quietly.

I'm out of town this weekend and so is Anna so one of the other boarders is taking care of the boys. I felt bad about her having to make up their grain since its kinda complicated, so last night I made up a dozen grain baggies. By the end I had quiet the system going!

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