Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rolling in the Deep

Amy wasn't able to try Buddy out today, and since jumps were set, I decided to play around with Buddy. We had a nice, quiet, warm up and hopped over a crossrail a few times.  I had the jumps set at 2'6"-2'9", with 3 verticals and a Swedish oxer.  We did the verticals a few times each, not really putting them together just trying to maintain a good rhythm and have a nice flow to the fences.  We has good fences but I could only seem to find the short, deep distances.

How NOT to ask for the right lead over the fence.  No wonder Bud likes to drop his right shoulder.
Deep yet again.
Decent distance to the oxer

Once I worked up the nerve we tackled the oxer.  The first few times were pretty nice, but our last attempt found us almost out of pony power and way deep to the fence.  Bud drifted to the right trying to fit the last stride in and as we were jumping I was apologizing to him.  My friend who I had talked into take pics for us was cracking up.  Bud got a couple big pats and was told he was a good boy.  I am so lucky he saves my butt when I completely screw up.

Very short, off center distance to the oxer.

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