Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shop till you drop

I'm down in San Diego for a wedding shower this weekend and have had my trip planned for months. Imagine my joy and surprise when I saw that my favorite tack store ever, Mary's Tack and Feed, was having their yearly tent sale the same weekend! I told my parents that I had to go, even to browse.

Mary's is next to the Del Mar Showpark, a huge show and boarding/training center. For the sale, they make you park at Showpark and walk over as the Mary's parking lot is covered by a huge tent. It brought back some fun memories of showing at Showpark.

My plan was to just get new paddock boots as mine have been patched once and have holes in them. Their boots were 15%off, so I got a pair of Ariats that lace up the front and zip up the back. My mom and I then walked around for a bit while I drooled over all the pretty tack.

When I was just about ready to check out, Mom said she'd get me something for one of the boys, if I really needed it. Buddy is using an old pair of EquiFit boots that I got for Phoenix like 6yrs ago and they are starting to wear out. So we went to look at open fronts for him. The horse boots were also 15% off. After an agonizing 15mins comparing boots, I went with what I know and like, the EquiFit. Thanks Mom!!

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