Tuesday, November 2, 2021

MDT Jumper Show: The Great Pumpkin

 Our last show of the year was Sunday, the last in the same series as the September show. This time I and Trainer A were riding Cinder, me in the cross rails and A in the 0.60m. The venue changed, as the facility the September show was held at was sold to become a boat storage facility (which I guess is better than a housing development but still sucks) and we lucked out with good weather for the outdoor arena at the new location. 

I had found a Halloween themed saddle pad/bonnet combo on Etsy, so Cinder and I were going as the great pumpkin. The bonnet ended up being super small and I could barley stuff Cinder's ears into them. Wearing black breeches and a long sleeved t-shirt to show in did make my inner hunter princess a little twitchy, but my inner 10yr old was happy so it was win.

They had some spooky jump decorations including a skeleton with horse head and swinging ghoul. Cinder took a brief look at the horse head guy, but was very good while A warmed her up. I got on and while she felt more jazzed than she normally does we had a decent warm up. I just tried to focus on being relaxed and going with her over the fences. I could feel her switch into ammy mode once she realized I wasn't asking for as much as A had been. She stood quietly at the back gate while we waited our turn and didn't even care when another horse tried to back up into us to avoid going in the ring. 

Photo bought from Impulsion Images.

I expected to be nervous heading in for our first round, but I wasn't. I knew Cinder is more than capable of trotting a course of cross rails, and I'm a decent enough rider to get her around. I was mostly still marveling at how we're actually at the point where we can show, under saddle, together. Anything else was icing on the cake!

 Cinder listened perfectly, came back when I asked, turned when I asked, took a couple crazy angled fences for our speed round, and honestly felt so much older and more experienced than she is. We did have a rail in our first round (I think she got a little lazy), and in our third round I turned too sharply and aimed at the standard so I circled to re-approach, so we ended up with a second, third, and fourth for our efforts.

Also bought from Impulsion Images

A then got back on her and schooled her lightly during the break before the 0.60m. A's also had another student showing in that division and Cinder was happy to stand in the ring while A coached from her back. A was doing two classes, and unfortunately had the same fence down in both. The first time she cut the turn a little tight and Cinder had to leap long at the fence, and the second time A held her out a bit too much and caught the outside standard with her foot. They earned fourths for both of their efforts. 

so thrilled

We had only showed at two of the four shows in this series, but they only held the cross rail classes at those two shows, so Cinder earned herself her first series champion! We won a handmade ceramic mug, a big ass ribbon, and a handful of peppermint candy for Cinder. No better way to end our show season!


  1. How amazingly rewarding - you raised this baby from tiny to now!!!! You did it!

  2. So exciting! I can't believe how far you two have come this year. Doing all the things! Congrats!

  3. You both look super cute and congratulations!!!!! <#