Thursday, November 18, 2021

Peebs Rehab Update

 Ugh, I'm so behind in posting about Peebs. But there's really not a lot to say. His suspensory is healing, but slowly. We did get cleared for walking under saddle, and are currently up to 23 minutes loose rein walk and 7 minutes of a forward, on contact walk. We go back in two weeks to reultrasound and hopefully will get cleared to start trotting. 

When your pony and outfit match the leaves you have to take a pic

Our walking "under saddle" is a bit of a misnomer, as I actually haven't put a saddle on him since he re-injured himself. He's almost 6 months into this rehab, but it still level headed enough that I can ride him bareback with no issues or drugs. I figured this can be my no stirrup November as I'm not ready to drop my stirrups with Cinder yet. 

Peebs got his first acupuncture session two weeks ago. The new vet at our clinic, who has handled most of Peebs' rehab does it and while I was a bit skeptical, I think it's helped. Peebs took a nice nap during the session, which was great considering he lost his damn mind when we got to the clinic because there were sheep in the field next door. If nothing else, the acupuncture sure relaxed him and helped overcome his sheep induced neurosis.  We're going to do another session in a few weeks, after his next ultrasound.


  1. Pammon is pretty much doing the exact same thing. But I need all the drugs. Lol! Good boy Peebs for being a good boy!

  2. Glad Peebs is trucking along in rehab! Fingers cross the re-ultrasound goes well :)