Friday, November 5, 2021

Foto Friday

Major shout out to Impulsion Images! She took some amazing pics at the show and only charged $35 for the digital download for all the pics. And she took 59 of Cinder, between A and I. I wish she was the show photographer for all my shows! Don't worry, I won't make you see all 59, just some of my favorites. All images below bought from her.

A up for one of the 0.60m rounds. And yes Cinder is missing a bell boot. A was walking her around between classes to stay warm and Cinder had a bit of hissy fit walking away from her friends which resulted in a dead bell boot.

The assignment: Find the camera. Cinder: understood the assignment

One of my new all time favorites

Peep A climbing up on the fence to video my rounds while wrapped in a cooler

Being the best teaching couch

The outside line was supposed to be a four, but Cinder got three easily, and almost did two and half once


  1. Ohhhh that's a great deal for the photos! Cinder is looking like a proper grown up these days!

  2. omg i LOVE photo deals like that --- honestly don't know why more photographers don't offer that sorta of "buy 'em all!" package!! like, i *might* buy 3 nice photos for $50..... but i will *100%* buy literally all 200 shots you took for $79 haha....

    tangent aside -- those pics are great, looks like a blast! cinder looks surprisingly good in orange for a redhead!!

  3. That's a wonderful deal on photos! Glad you were able to get so many :D