Thursday, December 17, 2020

First Real Ride

 Trainer A started working with Cinder on Monday, and on Tuesday I got a message from her with pics and video. She had done ground work and lunging on Monday, and decided to hop on Cin on Tuesday.

Look at her!!!

A said they did w/t/c, and that once she settled in was very good. Apparently she was a little cold backed to start, which would explain her bucking me off 5 steps into my ride on her. A said she was very comfortable for a green bean and that she was fun. Steering is a little drunken but that's to be expected. 


 I knew that TrA is good friends with the breeder of Cinder's older half sister (same mom, different dad) Izy but I didn't realize that A had worked with Izy when she was young. A said that Cinder is very similar to Izy. Combine that with riding Rogue (Cin's dad) this summer, and A should have a pretty good understanding of what's going on in Cinder's head. I'm kicking myself for not sending Cinder to her in the first place. 

Low quality pic of two high quality horses. Cinder on left with her younger half sis Kiwi on right

And speaking of family relations, the barn manager at WCS knew both Cin's parents, Cin before I brought her home, and Cin's 2yr old half sis (same dad, out of Welsh Cob mare) Kiwi (she's for sale!) is on the property and is Cin's neighbor. I feel very, very comfortable having Cinder in the hands of people that know her and her family. And it's really cool to see how she compares to her family members. So far we've determined that both Cinder and Kiwi have almost nothing of their dad in them, both are clones of their mothers. 

I'll leave you with this glorious video of Cinder's first real ride. Sound on for some great commentary.


  1. Wow! I'm impressed she got on and was able to do that much on day two. I'm not nearly that gutsy! Haha.

  2. This is a good update to read <3

    Carlos was pretty cold backed, the back on track saddle pads really help with that.

    1. I recently found a bunch of evidence that the BOT technology IS LEGIT in terms of literal warmth. The ceramic fibers (as far as I understand, which may be slightly wrong) reflect infrared heat back to the body literally warming you up faster. So that's cool. (Jury still out on majikal healing properties of course.)

      So glad to hear this happy update for Cinder! Excited to come and play with you guys in the future!

  3. I'm so glad things are now on the right track! Sounds like you found the right situation this time. Excited to keep following along!