Monday, August 17, 2020

Peebers Progress Report

Since Peebs popped a splint a few weeks ago, we’ve taken it slowly. We’ve mostly been doing flat work with a couple jump schools. He’s been sound *knock wood* even though the leg looks gnarly. 

Our first time jumping in about a month was in a lesson. I wanted my trainer to put eyes on him to make sure he was sound. I can pretty much always convince myself a horse looks off if I’m worried about their soundness so having impartial eyes was a big relief. Peebs was pretty happy to be jumping again and was launching himself over the crossrails we were doing. 

We also been hacking out in the “derby field”. The barn has a big grassy section off the end of the arena that’s the drain field for the septic system. In the winter is too wet to ride on, but it’s totally dry in the summer. There’s holes, and I don’t feel comfortable doing more than walking out there, but’s it’s been a great to wander around in. I wish there was a way to till it to even out the ground without disturbing the septic system. It would be super fun to jump around out on the grass. 

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