Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday Funny: In Trouble Edition

 I posted this on IG, but I figured I'd do a longer version for all the horses I've had.



Phoenix: Letting himself and/or a friend out for a walk and not being where he was supposed to be.  

Buddy: Talking back to the teacher, not applying himself in class, being lazy.

So naughty at times, but so cute

McKenna: ADHD issues, randomly breaking out into dance moves in class. Would get the comment of talented, but needs direction on her report card.

Peebs: Roughhousing with friends and they destroyed their clothes and shoes were lost. 

Cinder: Accidentally destroying school property and not knowing how she did it. Not paying attention in class.


  1. Pammon for mistakenly hulk smashing something
    Shiny bullied the other girls
    Eros is being recognized for his exemplary behavior. Obviously.