Friday, March 27, 2020

Essentially the Same for Now

I work with animals at an university so I'm considered an essential employee. Which means I have to go to work. So basically, not much has changed for me during these odd times. Other than the university shutting down and campus being a ghost town. But I still get up at 6am and am at work at 7 and do a full 8hrs.

As far as the ponies go, I'm still going to the barn. I'm so thankful that TCF is such a small place and that the two other boarders (who both have retired geldings) rarely come out. It's just A and her parents on the property and they're all staying home, other than runs to the grocery store. I've told them that I understand if they don't want me coming out, but for now they're fine with me being there.

Cinder has other opinions on me being there, especially when it ends in bath time
I've been riding, but have lunged Peebs a few times before our rides just to be on the safe side. It's not that he's been bad, and in normal circumstances I would ride through it. But these aren't normal circumstances and there's no harm in letting him blow off some steam without me on his back.  It's supposed to rain for the next week, and I think I'll let him have the time off. A and I have a plan to free jump the ponies tomorrow, but otherwise Peebs can have a break. I'll re-asses later if I want to continue riding or just let him have all the time off until things are more stable. Also, another reason I'm so happy to be at TCF is that here the ponies are out 12+ hours a day vs my last two barns where they would have been inside.

Instead of going to our first show of the season, I rode bareback and drank a beer. Still a win in my book
I've also decided to postpone sending Cinder to training. There's a lot of reasons why. I don't want to send her to someplace new then not be able to see her for weeks/months. I don't want anyone getting hurt starting a baby horse under saddle at the best of times, but right now no one needs to be taking any necessary risks. It's not going to hurt Cinder to hang out in the pasture for a few months longer. Also, the trainer I want to send her to moved barns and the new barn's board is $200/month more. So saving money now to spend it later just sounds like a good idea.