Monday, March 16, 2020

Self Destruct Mode Activated

Cinder has been on a self destructive streak lately. First she got a minor eye infection. It wasn't too bad, and she let me rinse it out, but I did end up calling my vet for some ophthalmic ointment. He did stain her eye and didn't see anything and agreed with me that it wasn't that a big deal. A few days of ointment and it cleared up fine.

Then she ate one of the new fake flowers I got as jump fill. I had turned her out in the arena before doing some ground work and she walked right up to the jump and shoved her face in the flowers. She came up with a mouth full of yellow flowers and fake grass and then proceeded to canter around the ring with them hanging out of her mouth. I went after her yelling at her to drop it, but that command works better on my parents dog than Cinder. She did eventually drop the fake grass, but there's a yellow flower that was missing from it and I'm 99% certain she had swallowed it. It was a Sunday, of course, and I called my vet because I was sure she was going to colic. He laughed at me and said to just watch her and since it's been two weeks now, I'm sure she's fine.

Zero shits given

Thursday she apparently felt it was time to scare me again and got a couple nice scrapes above the same eye she had the infection in. I think they're from teeth, and knowing how much of a pest Cinder can be sometimes, she probably deserved it. I called my vet yet again and texted him a pic asking if it needed stitches. I was going back and forth on it needing them, but thankfully he thought it should be fine without them. I washed it out, treated with antibiotic ointment, and put her in a fly mask. There was also some swelling so she got a little banamine. She was more upset about the banamine than anything else and has been good for her daily cleaning and treatment.

I swear she's close to getting bubble wrapped  24/7.  No more tying to kill and/or maim yourself mare!

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