Friday, April 3, 2020

Excitement Level: Farrier Day

Not much has happened in the last week. It’s poured off and on, with some hail and even a little slush mixed in all week. A and I didn’t end up free jumping the ponies last weekend, but maybe next week as it’s supposed to be dry. 

Today was farrier day and my farrier has a new apprentice so it went a little quicker. All 5 horses at A’s are on the same schedule and use the same guy so having two people helped. One of the other boarders was there to hold her horse so there was 5 of us out there, and I have to say it was weird being around that many people after weeks of social distancing. Some of the horses can be crosstied while getting done, but Cinder isn’t trustworthy enough for that yet so we totally broke the social distancing rules. I didn’t have to use the stud chain with her today, so that’s an improvement. Her feet are looking much better than last time and you can hardly tell they went to shit this winter.

I have no idea why this is rotated 

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  1. haha I've been wondering if I should start tagging posts corona too. Glad that your girl is getting used to the farrier!