Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 In Review

I know I'm a bit late to the party, and haven't been blogging much lately but I carved out some time to do our year in review.  2017 was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, but looking back, it was pretty good overall.

January started with a frozen bang at our first show of the year. While I was trying not to freeze to death, Peebs was fired up and ready to go.  The rounds weren't what I was expecting, but I'm proud of how I handled everything and we came home with some satin.  We had a lesson where Peebs was also fired up and I once again pulled up my big girl panties and worked him through it.

We got a big surprise in February when I found out Peebs and I qualified for the OHJA Certificate of Merit and got a huge ass ribbon. I started developing a feel for how even, or not, Peebs is side to side. I took another vacation to Mexico and found ponies. Peebs and I joined USHJA since all the local shows we do are Outreach shows.

March was medical month.  I started it by being the sickest I've been in a long time. Peebs got his teeth done and it was much worse than I thought it would be.  Per vet's recommendation, he also saw the chiro and she performed a miracle.  We had some great rides over ground poles, including a lesson on trot poles that kicked my ass.

I didn't post much in April (staring a trend here) but continued on with the good rides and figuring out his right bend issues. We kept figuring both his and my issues in May. I also went back to San Diego/Mexico for horse shows, blogger meet ups, and sunshine! I didn't announce it, but a few days before heading south I had dropped Tia off to be bred. We found out she had conceived late in the month.

But when we took her back two weeks later for a check up, she had lost the pregnancy.  I was living the emotional roller coaster from here on out trying to see if she was ok to rebreed or not. In the middle of that, we went to our first Outreach show and it didn't go well. Peebs was once again fired up and terrified the water truck was going to eat him.  I kept my cool and we somehow walked away with a 2nd. 

We showed again just a couple weeks later in July and killed it.  I took Tia in for one more vet check and after getting the results of her uterine biopsy, decided that trying to breed her wasn't going to happen.  I then fell into a bit of a funk, and went on vacation, and gave Peebs some time off

August was HOT and not much riding, or blogging, was done. But we did have some awesome rides. September was prep month for our big inspection at work and I didn't blog.  I made the super wise decision to do a show the week before the inspection, and surprise surprise it didn't go well. But we had a major breakthrough with Peeb's poop problem.  He's still on his pellets and one flake of hay a day, and is doing great!

I went and visited my friend KP's foal at the end of September and fell in love. We kept it a secret for a few weeks till I could tell my dad, but I decided to buy Cinder. I wasn't really looking to get a baby; I really just wanted a baby out of Tia.  But Cinder is an amazing little horse and more than I could have hoped for. Peebs also proved he's a wonder pony and will jump whatever from where ever, even if he doesn't understand the question. I'm pretty sure honest is his middle name.

Cinder came home at the beginning in December and we celebrated her 7th month birthday. And started learning how to be a grown up horse. And decided on a show name. And started introducing her to the fact that she's going to have to play dress up. Peebs has had much of December off, as work is not letting up and it's been cold. Not as cold as most of the US, but enough to make me loose my mojo.  I figured he could use the break, especially once I looked back at how much we've grown this year.  I'm planning on getting back in the saddle tonight to start gearing up for an even better 2018!

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  1. I love that ribbon that you won <3 Looking forward to what 2018 has in store for the 3 of you!