Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Rise and Grind

Thanks for the comments on my last post.  After putting it out there and talking it out with a friend, I'm in a much better mindset.  I scheduled "my" arena time for this week and the next, and it felt good.  I figured it's also a way to hold myself accountable for my riding.  Like if I'm blocking out the arena for my use, then by god I'm going to use it.  I've got a weekly plan for Peebs in my head with flat days, jump days, and lunge days.

Last Friday when there was supposed to be lessons all day (a couple kids cancelled) I did get up at 4:45 to ride before work. I let our BM know, as she and her family live in the the apartment in the barn.  Her husband usually feeds around 5 and leaves for work at 5:30 so they'd be up anyways.  I got to the barn around 5:20 and was on by 5:40.  We didn't ride long, but had one of our most productive rides in the indoor in a while. I think the fact that the barn was quiet and I had it to myself, let me focus so much more on Peebs and what we needed to work on. I could make circles and figure eights and change directions without having to worry about lesson kids with questionable steering. While I don't want to make 5:30am ride times our normal thing, and looking at the schedule I shouldn't have it, it went a lot better than I thought. Peebs might have other opinions though.


  1. I'm glad that you are getting out there and advocating for yourself!

  2. So glad you were able to figure things out! I'm SO not a morning person, but every once in a while I'll do the before work thing, and it really is pretty lovely. Though I imagine it would get old quickly if it were routine!